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The Couple At No.9 By Claire Douglas – Book Review

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The Couple At No.9 By Claire Douglas - Book Review
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The Couple At No.9 By Claire Douglas.

When Saffy’s beloved grandmother gets moved to a care home and she inherits her grandmother’s charming little cottage, 9 Skelton Place, she never expected to unearth a history of dark secrets.

Pregnant, Saffy and her boyfriend and Tom think they’ve struck gold inheriting a freehold property in Beggars Nook until they start an extension and discover two bodies buried under the patio in the back garden.

The discovery sends local detectives searching for possible killers and ignites Saffy’s and her mother, Lorna’s, desire to find the truth. The truth of who committed the murders and covered them up and, devastatingly, what it might have to do with their grandmother.

The Couple at no. 9 is a beautifully crafted story with a plot you will not forget easily—a twisty blend of love, relationships, obsession and betrayal. The story shifts back and forth from the 1970s to 2018, and I loved the contrast – I particularly appreciated the style in which the mystery unravels – well-paced, not rushed but fast enough to keep you engaged.

The story is segmented in a clever way to keep you guessing but leaving subtle breadcrumbs – I guessed the ending about three-quarters of the way in, and I was right. But, although my predictions were correct, it didn’t take away from the story or how well it was told and ended.

I loved Saffy and Lorna – it’s hard to accept that they don’t exist in real life – they felt so real to me! They are polar opposites with a complicated relationship and yet work harmoniously side by side in their pursuit to find the truth. Although I had my favourites, I felt that all the characters added immense value to the overall story.

A brilliantly crafted and engaging book!

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