For Better For Worse Book Cover
S. A. Tameez


There’s a fine line that separates love from hate. The profound sentiments are two sides of the same coin. The fiercest hatred is spawned from the most potent love—not ordinary love but love so overwhelmingly deep that it is deadly.

A wild and ferocious beast. Unquantifiable. Unexplainable. Uncontainable.

Shakespeare depicted this notion in Romeo and Juliet—a story of love so powerful, so intense that it led the lovers to kill themselves—immortalising their love and giving birth to the most extraordinary tale of love and loss ever told. But had the couple lived long enough, had they allowed their love to ripen, their story would have inevitably evolved into a story of obsession and hate. A story of a couple who loved each other to death.

When love turns to hate, the best of friends become the best of enemies. They know each other’s strengths and each other’s weaknesses. Their fears and their insecurities. They know how to heal each other and how to hurt each other.

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About the author

Writer, entrepreneur and dreamer

Tameez is a British Crime Fiction writer best known for his emotional crime thriller, The Refugee and DS Nick Bailey & DC Zoe Hall Thriller Series.

Tameez wrote his first novel after graduating from Buckinghamshire University and is currently writing his fourth book. He is also the creator of the ‘Life Worth Living Blog and a passionate book reviewer.

The author is currently writing the next book in the DS Nick Bailey and DC Zoe Hall Thriller Series, which should be released later this year. He has also published numerous short stories and novellas and is working on compiling a collection of his works in one book.

Tameez is also the Creative Director of a creative agency in London and runs community creative writing courses for the youth. Alongside his writing, he is working on creating a coaching platform where he can help inspire people to read more, as well as life coaching advice.

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