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So, what is “A Life Worth Living – Advice for Fellow Humans” about, and why did I write it?

t took me, what felt like, forever to start this blog! And that’s the truth. But, after much debate with my inner, more cynical, self-doubting, negative, pessimistic, judgemental self, I finally formed the courage to start.

I toyed with the prospect for this blog for so long that I often wondered whether my time on Earth would expire before I managed to write the first blog post. When I did finally write it, I revised it obsessively in an almost infinite loop, and I am still not content with it!

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About the author

Writer, entrepreneur and dreamer

As an aspiring writer, my passion for understanding human behavior runs deep. My ultimate goal is to craft captivating characters in my stories, ones that resonate with readers on a profound level by reflecting the complexities of real individuals – complete with their strengths and flaws.

This pursuit ignited a profound interest in the intricacies of human psychology, leading me to immerse myself in the realms of philosophy, anthropology, and psychology. By studying these disciplines, I sought to unravel the mysteries of human behavior and gain insights into what makes us who we are.

While I greatly value the importance of academic research, facts, and statistical analysis, I also recognise the significance of stories and experiences in bridging the gaps. The art of storytelling, whether through spoken word or written narratives, has existed since the earliest days of our existence, shaping us as a species.

Motivated by this belief, I have dedicated myself to creating a platform where ideas and experiences can be shared and exchanged. Through this collaborative endeavor, my aim is to foster continuous learning and growth as we learn from one another’s diverse perspectives and narratives.

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Beyond The Cornfields

Zayn’s world takes an unexpected twist when an extraordinary opportunity presents itself. A scholarship to study in the prestigious United Kingdom promises a future beyond his wildest dreams. Yet, destiny weaves a treacherous path as his life morphs from a hopeful dream into a haunting nightmare.

Accused of a the murder of an aristocrat from the privileged parts of society, Zayn finds himself thrust into a harrowing battle against a formidable legal system. Bound by the chains of false accusations, he must summon every ounce of courage to prove his innocence and escape a life behind bars.

In this gripping tale of suspense and redemption, Zayn’s journey transcends borders and cultures, reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit and the unyielding power of hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Will he triumph over the dark forces that conspire against him? Or will he forever be shackled by an unjust fate?

Beyond the Corn Fields by S A Tameez

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