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Saj Tameez

Living consequentially qualifies you as a contributor to life.

It took me, what felt like, forever to start this blog! And that’s the truth. But, after much debate with my inner, more cynical, self-doubting, negative, pessimistic, judgemental self, I finally formed the courage to start.

The idea struck me many years ago whilst embarking on a demanding Bachelor of Science Degree in Network Security and Management. A substantial portion of the degree comprised of Artificial Intelligence, and it was here that I unearthed so much about myself and other people around me, how we function, our behaviours and patterns and what makes us tick, so to speak.

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A bit about me

Writer, entrepreneur and dreamer

I’m a British writer, best known for my emotional thriller, The Refugee.

My turbulent writing journey started after graduating from Buckinghamshire University. I studied a technical degree in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence, which, on reflection, might have prompted me to have an existential crisis.

I was suddenly lost, not going in the direction I wanted to go but not having any bloody idea which direction I wanted to go. I eventually came to the stark realisation that we are all, at some point, lost, and we must share our findings to help fellow humans find meaning, purpose and fulfilment. I learned that the best way to learn about life is to live it and then to selflessly share our experinces. We help make sense of ourselves, others, and life itself through the power of story. And thus, my journey to develop and share stories began.

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