Beyond the Corn Fields by S A Tameez
S A Tameez

Beyond The Cornfields

Zayn, a poor boy from a rural village in Pakistan, is granted a scholarship to Oxford University. Motivated by the polarisation between different casts and the violations against women, he pursues an education in law and justice.

What starts as a life-changing opportunity in the land of dreams suddenly transforms into a nightmare. Zayn finds himself on trial for murder.

Torn between cultures, hundreds of thousands of miles away from home, and with the odds stacked against him, he must fight for his freedom.

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About the author

Writer, entrepreneur and dreamer

As a writer, and wanting to be a good one, I was keen to understand human behaviour deeply. I wanted to create compelling characters in my stories who reflected real people – people we could all relate to, with all their strengths and flaws.

This sparked my profound interest in the psychology of human behaviour and led me to study philosophy, anthropology and psychology.

Despite being an advocate for the academic study of facts and statistics, I also believe that the gaps are filled with stories and experiences. The oral and written storytelling tradition has been around since the dawn of time, and it is how we have grown as a species.

For that reason, I have been working obsessively to create a platform where I can share ideas and experiences with others so we can continue learning from one another.

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