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Who is S A Tameez?

Writer, entrepreneur and dreamer

S A Tameez is a crime thriller writer who is best known for his emotional thriller novel The Refugee.

The British born author began his writing journey after graduating from Buckinghamshire University. He wrote for numerous blogs, websites and news articles before writing his first novel.

Tameez is currently working on his new detective series, Perfect Little Lies, where he introduces DC Jaxon Knox and DS Natasha Freeman. He aims to have the first instalment out this year.

A DS Nick Bailey & DC Zoe Hall Thriller


After the body of a young woman is discovered in the Thames, DC Jaxon Knox and DS Natasha Freeman begin the hunt for a killer.

The clues point to a notorious serial killer, but their instincts point them in another direction.

There is a killer among them who will do anything to not get caught – even kill again.

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