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Safe at home by Lauren North book review
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Safe at Home by Lauren North – Book Review


Anna James is an overly distrustful and overprotective mother, and when she is unable to find her daughter Harrie on a chilly Halloween night, she is incredibly distraught. Has this got something to do with the secretive people in the village of St Barton? Or something got to do with the night she left Harrie at home alone, and something happened – something that changed Harrie – something Harrie is hiding from her?


I honestly can’t believe how quickly I got sucked into this story. Fear and anxiety genuinely coursed through me at points in this book, especially when Anna comes home to find the backdoor unlocked and muddy footprints in the kitchen – considering she is a meticulous and paranoid person who would never leave the door unlocked. Anna is a very relatable character, and I immediately liked her.


The story was written in a way that jumped back and forth and worked seamlessly, in my opinion. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing all the way through, and the suspense was gripping. It is essentially a mystery story with so much to it that I think people will love it – I certainly did!



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