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invite me in by Emma Curtis
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Invite Me In by Emma Curtis – Book Review


Invite Me In is a steadily paced, character-driven story, and the author has clearly demonstrated she knows how to create intriguing personas and how to keep readers guessing.


Eliza Curran is an attractive woman who lives in a stunning house with her two children and her wealthy, successful and loving husband. But what onlookers don’t know is that she is trapped in an abusive relationship and desperately wants to escape. But there isn’t an easy way out as her husband, Martin Curran, is a controlling, manipulative narcissist. He uses their children and his wife’s dark secret as leverage to prevent her from leaving.


Eliza’s world starts to dislodge when Dan Jones walks into their lives. He is handsome, confident and charming – and Eliza finds herself uncontrollably attracted to him.


The dynamics in the house get stranger when Isabel Gardin, their young and extremely beautiful au pair, starts romantically seeing Dan Jones.


There is so much to this book that it is difficult to talk about it without giving away the clever plot. I found it claustrophobic and exceptionally suspenseful – it was hard to put down once I got started.


I highly recommend this book and would love to see a movie adaptation in the future.


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