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Rock Paper Scissors By Alice Feeney – Book review

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Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney Book Review
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Mr and Mrs Wright both know something is wrong with their marriage, and a trip to a remote part of Scotland might be just what they need to revitalise their withering relationship. What they don’t know is that someone else is lurking in the shadows of their marriage and is willing to do anything to break them. To make things worse, Adam Wright suffers from face blindness, where he can’t always recognise facial features.

I became a huge fan of Alice Feeney after Sometimes I Lie. I had never read anything quite like it and loved her writing style. She is a true wordsmith and the queen of clever metaphors and analogies. So, as you can imagine, Rock Paper Scissors had a lot to live up to, and I am thrilled to say it did not disappoint – a cleverly crafted, steady-paced, domestic thriller with an ingenious twist.

The setting of the book suited the mood perfectly – it felt cold and isolated. Although it was gradual, I could feel the rising tension. I loved how the story unfolds with different points of view, and I was especially fond of the letters Adam’s wife wrote to him but never shared with him. The couples word of the day added to the letters was a smart touch.

I think Alice’s understanding of people and their honest thoughts is phenomenal. It makes everything in this story come to life. I was fascinated by the face blindness aspect as I never knew it existed – the thought of it was terrifying. Imagine not being able to recognise your friends and family!

What a great read!

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