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Happily Ever After By Alison James – Book Review

By 07/06/2021July 5th, 2021142 Comments
Happily Ever After by Alison James Book Review
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Pippa bails out on her fiancé moments before they are about to walk down the aisle. Something is wrong with their relationship, and getting married will not fix it.

The marriage didn’t go ahead, but Pippa still goes to Mauritius for their honeymoon alone. But instead of a break from her life, she gets tangled in a web of lies and murder.

Happily Ever After got me hooked immediately, but I felt I was losing interest as it progressed. The story is segmented and then links everything very skilfully in the end. What struck me the most about this book was the characters. Pipa and James Cardle are a brilliant duo. I would love to know what happens next with them! This could be a great start to series with Pipa and James, Private Investigators who solve murders.

It was a great read with characters I won’t forget quickly, and it was the characters that made this story.

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