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Hostage by Clare Mackintosh – Book Review

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Hostage By Clare Mackintosh Book Review
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Hostage by Clare Mackintosh – Book Review

Hostage was undoubtedly my most anticipated book this year! I love Clare’s books, so when I heard about Hostage, I was super excited. And then I read the blurb, and a sudden, uncontrollable rush of nostalgia coursed through me. I wasn’t sure how or why, but I got transported back to the 90’s and could not wait to read it.

I was incredibly fortunate and grateful to get an advance copy of the book and read it ahead of its official release.

Before I get into the story, I want to say that I absolutely adore the design and presentation of the book! It is stunning! This was the first physical book I read since buying an iPad last year, and all I can say is wow! Don’t get me wrong, I love reading on my iPad, but Hostage is so well presented, and the branding makes you want to keep it on the shelf.

The story is balanced between Amina (Mina), a cabin crew member on a nonstop flight from London to Sydney, her secretive husband, Adam, and their adopted daughter, Sophia.

Mina swaps with someone else to go on the long flight to avoid spending time with Adam. She suspects Adam of cheating and needs to get away from him to clear her head.

The thought of flying nonstop for 20 hours already made me feel uneasy, and when things start going wrong on the flight, I literally felt airsick. A passenger dies, and Mina is given a note from an anonymous passenger. She must make a choice – save Sophia by allowing the plane to be taken over or raise the alarm at the cost of Sophia’s life!

I couldn’t imagine having to choose between hundreds of strangers and the person who I love most. I felt every painful emotion Mina endured while deciding what to do.

There is a profound central theme in the story that is a growing concern for many people and intensifies the realism. I won’t go into details to prevent spoiling the plot.

If you could read a blockbuster movie, Hostage would be it. It genuinely felt like a movie experience, just with more realism. No Bruce Willis to single handily kill all the bad guys.

Mina and Adam are such wonderful characters – developed to perfection. I believe exciting and relatable characters are crucial in crafting a good story – Mina and Adam do it smoothly.

Hostage has all the mechanisms of a brilliant and memorable novel, and it wouldn’t be a Clare Mackintosh book without an unexpected twist. Don’t skip the Epilogue; that is all I’m saying!

Best book I read this year! If there were an option to give more than five stars on a review, I would.

I suspect I will be talking about Hostage for a long time.

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