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The End of Her Shari Lapena - Book review
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The End of Her by Shari Lapena – Book Review


What attracts me most with novels is meeting fascinating and likeable characters – people with life-like, relatable personalities. People you either love or love to hate but I found it almost impossible to warm to any of the characters in Shari Lapena’s thriller, The End of Her. The main characters were a bit dry, to say the least, and the rest were so underdeveloped that I practically forgot they existed.


The story is a classic tale of betrayal, greed, mistrust but I felt it lacked the characteristics of Shari’s typical brilliance. I felt the repetition of overtiredness was annoying, and while at times the story felt as if it was playing particular importance to irrelevant elements of the plot, in other times, it felt rushed. This got frustrating and at times, I honestly thought I was wasting my time.


I am actually a huge fan of her earlier books but couldn’t really get into this one.


Having said that, there were aspects of it that I liked a lot. The suspense was built nicely and the idea of not truly knowing someone even after living with them and having children is thrillingly haunting.


I would still recommend the book as the ending was interesting – I think some people will love it while others will loath it – I sat in the middle.

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