3 quick tips to imrove your writing

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing

  Writing is a craft and just like any craft you have work hard to get it to a good standard. Most writers will admit that when they look at their early works, they cringe in disgust. They want to take what they wrote and hurl it into an incinerator. Stare at it in a […]

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Refugees - not so human

Refugees – Not So Human

You only have to turn on the telly or read a few pages of a newspaper to realise that while you sit in the comfort and safety of your home, there are parts of the world that are in utter turmoil. Recently, as a consequence of war and genocide, hundreds and thousands of Rohingya Muslims […]

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Why Write blog by s a tameez

Why Write?

  Writing – conveying a message or an idea through letters and words. But, why do it? Why bother? Writing was present even in ancient civilisations, it is how we have learned about their empires, cultures and way of life. For centuries, people have had the impulse to write. Philosophers wrote about their understanding of […]

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  Over 10,000 refugee children go missing and no one seems to care. Child trafficking gangs target the lost and forgotten Refugee children. After writing the novel, The Refugee, one of the most common questions that I am asked is: Is this a factual book? And the answer is: “The Refugee is the most non-fictional […]

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