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Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney – Book Review

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Daisy Darker By Alice Feeney - Book Review
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This enchanting thriller felt like reading a classic story from my childhood, except it is dark and a little disturbing (In a good way!)

The story is told from the perspective of Daisy, the granddaughter of Beatrice Darker (Nana), author and illustrator of bestselling children’s books. Nana’s books are based on Daisy, the youngest sibling with a hole in her heart. When Nana invites the entire family to her Victorian House, Seaglass on the Cornish Coast, they assume it is to receive their inheritance. They come the night before Nana’s birthday on Halloween. They are unable to leave for eight hours because of the high tide, and then things change forever!

It isn’t easy to talk about the story without giving away the clever plot! However, I can say that Alice Feeney is a mastermind when plotting murders!

What an excellently crafted and beautifully written tale of secrets, lies and murder. Alice Feeney said it took her five years to write Daisy Darker, and I can see why. The characters are so well developed and likeable. I particularly loved Daisy and Nana.

I adore this book. I read some reviews saying it was unrealistic and hard to believe, but I think they have forgotten that it is a novel! I didn’t find plot holes. Flawless, in my opinion.

I love the Agent’s note at the beginning – when I first read it, I was genuinely confused and thought, is this like a rewritten tale of a classic? And Alice’s writing has always given me that classic writing feel, but it all makes perfect sense at the end. I was left thinking, wow!

Fantastic read. Highly recommend!

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