S. A. Tameez

For Better For Worse

For Better For Worse is the 2nd book in the DS Nick Bailey and DC Zoe Hall Thriller Series.

Just when Jenna finds true love and feels that her life is finally changing for the better, her perfect world is turned upside down when her fiancé, Alfonzo, is arrested for murder. As she desperately looks for answers, she unravels secrets that not break her heart but put her in danger.

DS Nick Bailey & DC Zoe Hall investigate the murder of Kimberly Hart and try to untangle a web of lies and deceit. What starts as a straightforward case turns into a mystery that leads them to unthinkable avenues.   

Nick and Zoe are back in this new and exciting thriller. The gritty story in present-day London explores relationships, love, betrayal and murder.

The book is due to be released via Rampage Press later this year. The opening chapters will be available to read soon. To keep updated, sign up for the author newsletter and find him Facebook.

For Better For Worse Book Cover