Refugees - not so human

Refugees – Not So Human

You only have to turn on the telly or read a few pages of a newspaper to realise that while you sit in the comfort and safety of your home, there are parts of the world that are in utter turmoil. Recently, as a consequence of war and genocide, hundreds and thousands of Rohingya Muslims […]

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Why I wrote The refugee - S A Tameez

Why I wrote The Refugee – S A Tameez

  With my novel, The Refugee, only 4 weeks away from its official release, one of the most frequent questions I have been asked is: Why did I choose the Refugee topic to base my novel on? To answer this, I must first tell you about the day I first got the inspiration for the […]

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The Refugee by S A Tameez

The Refugee

Read a sample of the Refugee by S A Tameez THE REFUGEE Prologue   The brutal war between the Syrian government and rebels, broke out from protests nearly five years ago. Government security forces, opening fire on demonstrators, instigated a bloody conflict that led to an inevitable civil war. A conflict that triggered the massacre […]

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  Over 10,000 refugee children go missing and no one seems to care. Child trafficking gangs target the lost and forgotten Refugee children. After writing the novel, The Refugee, one of the most common questions that I am asked is: Is this a factual book? And the answer is: “The Refugee is the most non-fictional […]

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