The Refugee

A Novel by S A Tameez

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Join Ahmed on an epic journey to save his family in the emotionally charged, action-packed thriller, The Refugee.

When Ahmed, an outspoken university professor, is forced to flee his war-torn country in a bid to save his family, he finds himself in the middle of the dangerous world of child trafficking.

With the world against him and time not on his side, he must use all that he has left in him to take on a notorious crime syndicate and bring back his son.

"Moved by the beautiful story"
Ahmed is truly a Syrian Liam Neeson as he
fights the big guns to find his lost son" Paula Lofting

2018 Book Releases by S A Tameez

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One Percent by S A Tameez

One Percent by S A Tameez


S A Tameez is the author of numerous novels, short stories and children’s books. He has had a keen interest in writing from a young age and specialised in science fiction and fantasy for many years.

The author is currently working on his new Science Fiction Fantasy novel "One Percent.

To read the first few chapters of the novel click here:
One Percent 

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The Refugee Book signing

Questions and Answers from The Refugee Books Signing Event

On Saturday 25th November 2017, I attended a book signing event for my new novel, The Refugee, at the High Wycombe Library. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of people who turned up. Every seat was taken, and an overflow of people had to stand at the back. Talk about pressure, right? Anyhow, the […]

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The One Percent by S A Tameez – Chapter 3

3 The smell of fresh grass on a rainy day was beyond words. Never had a grey sky seemed so attractive. An endless abyss stretched to infinity. Branches on enormous trees reached out to the sky, humbly accepting their blessing. Cool raindrops lightly descended on shimmering green leaves. Some rolled off, others posed artistically, patiently […]

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