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Dead at First Sight by Peter James – Book review


Another brilliant addition to the Roy Grace series. Although you could read this book as a standalone, I would recommend reading all of 15 of them as you get a far better understanding of Roy and his decisions.

I was pleased it was set in Brighton as I love the place and the characters really grew on me. (There were quite a lot of characters). I felt that the book was well researched and full of stats on internet scams. Very realistic occurrences. And in Peter James’ typical fashion, the fine details were fantastic. Peter is an author you can fully trust when it comes to research and articulating a mind-blowing story.

The first part of the book focuses on building some new characters and the impact that these very real scams are having on them. I think this really worked well as informs the reader of what everyone is dealing with and how hard it is to counter it. Roy and his team really kick in after the first half and you are very glad they do. Love them!

I really liked and felt sorry for Johnny Fordwater. And was pleased to see an old character, I liked very much, resurface.

Wonderful book – highly recommend!


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