Over 10,000 refugee children go missing and no one seems to care. Child trafficking gangs target the lost and forgotten Refugee children.

After writing the novel, The Refugee, one of the most common questions that I am asked is:
Is this a factual book? And the answer is:

“The Refugee is the most non-fictional fiction I have ever written.”

The book was inspired by the abduction and trafficking of migrant children – a sickening fact.

Did you know…

According to Europol, over 10,000 migrant children have gone missing. These innocent children received less media attention than if one non-migrant were to go missing. This is an incredible ratio and makes one ponder: what are people’s perceptions of refugees?
It required horrific, heart-wrenching, images of a toddler, washed up on a beach, lying dead, for the world to even notice that there was a refugee problem.

Any father or mother, in any part of the world, would have to be out of their mind to risk killing their child just for them to escape a country, right?
But living in the unyielding fear of being shot, bombed, or dying a horrible, nasty death from a chemical weapon, is like not living at all. Women, young girls and even young boys, constantly afraid that they may be torn away from their families and raped, is enough for many of them to resort to suicide. Food and water not being allowed into certain areas in the hope that entire towns will quietly starve to death is just plain evil.

Is it then a wonder that they choose to risk their lives to escape?

What’s happened to humanity?

After the huge stir about this washed up, dead boy, and the media using his lifeless body to sell their newspapers, people seem to have just got used to it. The papers chose to sensationalise it until the world lost interest and everyone became desensitised to children dying in such horrific conditions. And life returned to normal. There is nothing normal about 7000 desperate humans drowning and there is certainly nothing normal about 10,000 children going missing, however.

The death of the washed-up boy was tragic, he did, however, manage to escape being enslaved or forced into the sex trade, like his 10,000 friends. Drowning at sea is just horrible but being imprisoned in a sex trade is like dying every day, without the relief of death.

Surely, someone MUST take the responsibility for these lost children, who have managed to escape, bringing with them only their lives and memories of what once was. Right?
It is down to the utter lack of care and responsibility that child trafficking syndicates have seized a lucrative business opportunity – abducting and abusing children that the world has simply forgotten.

This begs the more pressing question: why are countries not investigating and prosecuting trafficking gangs that exploit refugees?

After all, they would not allow child trafficking gangs go unpunished if they were preying on local children.

Children are children, right? Evidently not.

Robbed of their identity

Refugees have lost their identity as humans and the mainstream media has helped this to happen. The focus of trying to help these people, that was formally agreed in the 1951 Refugee Convention, has shifted to blaming them for social and economic problems, resulting in resentment and hatred. To stop the evil of traffickers, we must first stop the lies and propaganda.

They are human – as human as all other humans.

If refugees were barbaric monsters that had travelled the seas, like modern day Vikings, ready to break down our fences and invade our countries then, surely, they would have done it already. But the truth is that they are desperate, displaced people that feel that this vast world does not hold the capacity for them to exist.

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