Area - L

Area – L

Area – L Adam wakes up in a strange room, wounded, disorientated and unable to remember how he got there. He soon learns that he’s got far greater things to be worried about than his memory loss. He finds himself in the middle of something evil with no way out. Available to buy on Amazon […]

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one percent - chapter 2

The One Percent by S A Tameez – Chapter 2

2     A tall, well-built man, wearing a black suit marched into the Arcadiapolis Police station. The cluttered room, filled with officers, fell silent. “Governor Hitchens,” a tubby man stood out of his chair. “You didn’t have to come out here. We have the situation under control.” “Chief Stevens, if you were competent enough […]

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the one percent by S A Tameez

The One Percent by S A Tameez – Chapter 1

THE ONE PERCENT Written by S. A. Tameez   Prologue   2120, 90 years after the world turned to hell. Through the ages, as humans, we had measured ourselves as a superior species. A dominant class that conquered the earth and humbled all else that existed into submission. There was no land nor sea that […]

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